About NCAG:

The North Coast Artists' Guild

was formed in 1997 as an affiliate of Gualala Arts to better serve working artists in the Mendocino and Sonoma coastal communities, from as far south as the Russian River to as far north as Little River. There are currently about a hundred members.

Guild activities include:

  • The annual Studio Discovery Tour
  • Sponsoring the annual Gualala Salon show
  • Sponsoring the annual NCAG/Collectives show
  • Obtaining Exhibits in local venues for member artists
  • Membership meetings
  • An Internet email list serve and web site
  • Scholarship funding

The Studio Discovery Tour is our largest event. It is managed by the Guild and is held on two weekends beginning on Labor Day. Over 15,000 color brochures are printed and distributed in July and August to promote this event.

You can view the Artist Application for the upcoming tour.

You can   download a free copy   of the brochure from the North Coast Artists' Guild's   StudioDiscoveryTour.com   website.

Or you can request a paper copy via an eMail request to: Doric T. Jemison-Ball at djemisonball@cvcca.com

or mail via U.S. Post your request to

The North Coast Artists' Guild
P.O. Box 1658
Gualala, CA 95445-1658.

The Guild's central objective is to assist local artists in improving their incomes and reputations. We are working to make our art community an art buying destination like the towns of Mendocino and Carmel.

Our priorities:
  1. Developing more opportunities to sell art here: venues, shows, Studio Tour.
  2. Producing more out-of-area publicity to bring potential art-buying tourists here.
  3. More emphasis on art education: classes, demonstrations, forums.
  4. Developing a community of artists: more get-togethers, emphasis on interaction with other artists.
  5. Developing a creative environment for the arts, a more creativity-friendly community.
  6. Making our local area a more beautiful, artistic place; art everywhere.
  7. Develop favorable group purchase deals for art supplies.

North Coast Artists Guild Officers 2014 - 2015

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