We are “GO” for a Live 2022 Tour!

The successes of the 2021 Tour were welcome in the shadow of the ongoing pandemic. We learned that we can have a successful brochure without advertising, that cell phones can be useful, that being part of the Discovery Gallery makes a huge difference, all of which raises the bar on our expectations for the upcoming season. The big lesson was that we can be “pandemic safe” and have our commerce, too, if we are diligent. What works for everybody is getting fully vaccinated (that includes the booster), masking appropriately, distancing, controlling our gatherings, doing as much outside as we can, and minimizing visits into our tight indoor spaces. We are all used to this, and our customers feel safe as well.

30th Annual
Studio Discovery Tour

August 27-28  &  September 3-5


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North Coast Artist Guild Board of Directors:

Andrea Allen, Colette Coad, Jackie Gardener, Jennie Henderson, Michael Henderson, Barbara Johannes, Bruce Jones